About Us

Freebetshere.com was launched in its initial form in August 2002 with the goal of providing a way of informing visitors on the latest deals and offers that are offered by various bookmakers and gaming companies on a frequent basis. After various facelifts we have developed into the site you see now.

We are comprised of three man managerial team.

Spencer James: Editor & Webmaster

As Editor of Freebetshere.com, Spencer works on crucial behind-the-scenes elements, which include marketing the website, maintaining relationships with clients, layout design and editing articles.

Contact him at: sj@redjackmedia.co.uk

Alice Langley: Deputy Editor

Alice graduated from Cardiff University in 2008 with a degree in Sports Science. Having worked for a number of well known UK publications, including having articles published by a number of red tops, Alice is responsible for the creation, formatting, content layout, sub-editing and also supervises the team of writers that contribute to the site.

Contact her at: alicel@freebetshere.com

Sub-Editor: James North

The main aim of Freebetshere.com is to make sure all our articles are up to date and provide on the most accurate information for our visitors. Our content articles are put through a rigorous process to ensure they are up to the high standards the editorial team sets upon itself. Sub Editor James North makes sure all these articles are relevant to the topic in hand, and meet our quality control standards.

Contact him at: jamesn@freebetshere.com

Content Writers:

We have a number of content writers who work for us on a regular basis. James Thorne. William Williams, Paul Brock, Paul Norris and Stephanie Lewis.