Betfred Mobile Betting App Download Offer

Betfred is a common name in the world of UK bookmaking and gambling and the company is showing a brilliant ability to adapt with technology as Betfred bookmaker announce a free bets offer to run hand in hand with theirbetfred mobile app, which can be downloaded on iphone, android, ipad and blackberry platforms.

The majority of people now have modern smart phones with vast arrays of applications becoming available on a daily basis. Betfred has recognised that it is essential to have an app out on the market if the company wants to retain the core support of loyal customers.

Everyone who gambles with Betfred will know that the company has built up a particular brand image over the last few years and has been pushing this brand hard over the last 12 months. There are still a lot of high street shops with the Betfred name displayed and a lot of gamblers will be familiar with the company.

The Betfred app doesn’t stray too far from this brand image. The same designs and colour schemes will be seen in these very same betting shops and there doesn’t seem to be a big change planned on the coming horizon.

Information on the app can be found in a variety of places for anyone who may be a little unsure over whether to download the app to their phone.

What sets this mobile app apart is that customers can also play Betfred’s latest coupons, such as ‘Goals Galore’ whereby punters can predict whether goals will be scored in certain games.

The website has a great deal of information as do the high street shops which still exist up and down the country. Gamblers can also approach staff in high street shops.

There are also notes on the website which encourage customers to phone up Betfred if they have any questions to ask about the app and whether there are likely to be regular updates to the app’s software over the coming months.

Betfred wants to portray a clear image of consumer confidence and customer care which it does with possibly the best help and support centre in the whole UK.

Led from the front by charismatic Fred Done, the face and owner of Betfred, this is one bookmaker that has been quick to embrace mobile technologies and their mobile application comes highly recommended to all.