Ladbrokes Mobile Betting App

Ladbrokes is one of the oldest and most trusted gambling brand names in the United Kingdom with a customer base that runs into the millions, and all punters who tend to bet in the move can rest easy, as Ladbrokes mobile app definitely delivers.

Ladbrokes has launched a mobile application onto the application market as a way of keeping pace with competitors and extending the reach that Ladbrokes has, and with a very complimentary advertising campaign currently in operation up and down the country, there is certainly plenty to get stuck into for punters.
The mobile app can be downloaded via any app market to an android phone, smart phone or an iPhone, and of course, there are the obligatory Ladbrokes free bets available for all those wishing to seek a start with their mobile betting careers.

The support for the Ladbrokes app is very good and something the website has spent a lot of time on setting up.

There is detailed information on the Ladbrokes website of the software used for the mobile app as well as the terms and conditions of betting using a mobile phone instead of walking into a shop or logging onto a computer.

Betting couldn’t be any easier with a number of simple menu screens taking a customer from one sport to the next and back again.

Ladbrokes has worked hard on keeping the colour scheme and main themes of the company exactly the same without sacrificing any part of the user experience.

The free bet offer for Ladbrokes can also be used via this mobile application. At current Ladbrokes offers a free bet of up to £50 for customers that sign up to the company through the website.

The same deal still stands for customers who prefer to bet on their mobile phone as they go about their daily business.

Downloading the Ladbrokes app is quick, stress free and very simple. The log in works equally quickly and there are still the vital user controls in a customer account which allow complete management of a betting account during a lunch break or on the way home after work.

The Ladbrokes mobile app is difficult to beat in terms of its effectiveness and is a superb way of betting on the move, and for all Ladbrokes customers who fail to get their bets on in time, there really are no more excuses.